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October 25th, 2020

Zombie Infection

The Zombie infection game is back, and this time its dripping with COVID.

  If you played our Zombie game last year you know what a crazy time it was.  

  This year we will be raffling off not one but TWO paintball guns, as well as giving out other prizes.

Pre-Register by September 10th $20

Pre-Register by October 1st $25

Pre-Register by October 18th $30

After October 18th & Day of Event $40

Entry includes one raffle ticket, Infection Game admission, all day air, Hyperball Field admission

  We have tweaked the game this year to better fit the current conditions in the world around us.  

Game details:

  There has been a viral outbreak ???? of Covid.  Survive it if you can.

  Every player will enter the field with a paintball marker, but no paint.  The zombies will also be on the field at the game start.  

  There will be approximately 2 cases of paint hidden out on the field in 10round tubes.  These tubes will be hidden all over, under things, in things, etc.

  We will start with the Zombies mixed in with the other players on the field, no one will know who the zombies are except the Zombies.  They will have cans of silly string.  When they “cough” silly string onto a player, that player is now “infected”.  

  When a player is “infected” they must leave the field of play, put their marker away, then come be banded on both arms with tape.  They may now re-enter the field as a zombie.  Any new zombie that touches a live player has now “infected” that player.  And the cycle continues.  

  Zombies can only be killed by shooting them in an armband.  When a zombie is shot, they must exit the field...they can then re-enter the field at every 1/12th of an hour (every 5 minutes).  

  Live players may form alliances, secure strongholds to fend off the hordes, and also shoot other live players.  But take your shots wisely because paint is hard to come by.

  This year there will also be raffle tickets hidden out on the field.  The longer you survive, the better chance you have at finding more raffle tickets and increasing your chance at winning a gun.

  This is an on going game.  Once the game starts, it will go until 3pm.  

  The Hyperball field will be open for play starting at 12p, so any players who have been turned to Zombies may play Hyperball, then go back to being a zombie whenever they feel like it.

  Some of the people who had the most fun last year were actually zombies.  I guess once you get into character, the possibilities are endless.

  Do you have what it takes to survive the Covid Infection?


$20.00 Early Pre-registration: September 10th only

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