COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

1. Please do not come to the field if you have a fever or have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19.

2. The registration line will require you to be six feet apart to meet the social distancing requirements. Registration will now take place at the camo container that overlooks the parking lot as the interior registration area will be locked and off limits.

3. All people entering the property must have a face covering for Covid-19 safety on at ALL times. Paintball Googles or Goggles and Lower Face masks for Airsoft are required when playing on the field. Protective Covid-19  masks are required as soon as you exit the field.

4. There will be X’s on our picnic tables where you cannot stage your gear to maintain a minimum of 6 foot distance and meet social distancing. There will be no moving of the tables and spools or altering the set up.

5. You must park every other car in the parking lot and we are encouraging people to stage from their cars.

6. You must NOT share your mask or any equipment with others.

7. YOU Need to print off and fill out a waiver, unless you are a season pass holder for the 2020 season. This is to help move things along and make sure people are not passing items back and fourth.
8. Rentals will be available, but there is a change in pricing because you will be getting a paintball mask to keep. You will also be required to make a reservation at least 48 hours before hand so we can properly prepare and have the exact amount for each day.

9. There will be NO BATHROOMS available, due to it creating a common area, so please plan according.
10. At this time drinks will no longer be available for purchase, please bring hydration with you.  There are stores located less than a mile from the field.  

Download Waiver